CHEW Conference 2017 – schedule


Contesting Modernisation:

The Future of Health, Environment, and Welfare in China


Conference Schedule



Venue: Lecture Theatre 1 – China Centre


10:30 – 10:45      Welcome speech


10:45 –  11:45     Keynote speech          Prof. Micah Muscolino

Professor of Chinese History, University of Oxford


 11:45 – 12:30     Lunch break


Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice


12:30               Dr Jennifer Holdaway

Co-Director, Forum on Health, Environment and Development, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

Balancing Environmental and Social Justice: Implications of China’s Stronger Environmental Protection Policies for Rural-Urban Inequality.


12:45               Alexandra Foote

MSc graduate in Environment and Development, London School of Economics (LSE)

Community Based Ecotourism in the Tibetan Plateau

13:00               Chang Liu, PhD candidate in Chinese Studies, Jilin University Institute

Picking up the Fashionable Items from Transnational Waste: On Chinese Women’s Striving for Post-Revolutionary Chinese Femininity

13:15-13:30      Question time, chaired by Dr. Anna Lora-Wainwright


Environment and Modernity in Transitional China


13:30               Dr. Jan Erik Christensen, Independent Scholar

Confucian Philosophy, Education, and Ecological Sustainability.

13:45             Dr. Chaohua Wang, Independent Scholar

Societal Empowerment for a Better Future in China.

14:00             Coroline Goron, PhD Candiate in Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

 ‘Ecological Civilization’ and the Continuation of Modernization Politics in China.

14:15-14:30    Question time, chaired by Rowan Alcock


    Coffee and Tea Break (14:30-15:00)

Activism and Grassroots Movements


15:00             Dr Nicholas Loubere, Associate Senior Lecturer in the Study of Modern China, Lund University

Microcredit, Modernity and Marginalisation in Rural China.

15:15              Suzanne Barber, PhD candidate in Anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington

We Must Not Allow the Government to Shirk Responsibilities”: The Chinese Animal Rights Movement as a Question of Chinese Citizenship.

15:30               Li Zipeng, PhD Candidate in Chinese Studies, University of Edinburgh

Would the ‘Online Public Voice’ be Considered by the Chinese Government During the Environmental Crisis?

15:30-15:45     Question time, chaired by Irina Fedorenko  


Animals and Chinese environments

15:45               Dr. Kin Wing Chan, Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Geography and Planning, University of Cardiff

The Preformative Eco-Friendly Farmers: Governmentality and Regulation of Animal Waste Practices in Hong Kong (1973-1997).

16:00               Alisha Gao

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science with the Focus on Area Studies China/East Asia, Goethe University

Solving the Negative Externalities of Factory Farming in China.


16:15               Dr Thomas White, Teaching Associate in Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Patriotic camels and the Political Ecology of China’s Borderlands. 

16:30-16:45     Question time, chaired by Dr. Loretta Lou


Coffee and Tea Break (16:45-17:15)

17:15-18:15          Roundtable Discussion

18:15-18:45          Wine reception

19:00                   Conference Dinner at Zheng Restaurant






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