Dr. Tim Pringle

Dr. Tim Pringle entered academia relatively late in life. He spent the first part of his working life in construction and warehouse work before moving to Asia where he was able to combine activism in union work with his deep interest in labour relations in China. For over a decade, he worked with various labour rights organisations in Hong Kong and Mainland China. At the tender age of 45, Tim embarked on a PhD program at the University of Warwick while simultaneously working as a co-investigator on a major ESRC-funded research project examining trade union reform in Russia, China and Vietnam. Tim has published his research in numerous trade union, labour NGO and peer-reviewed journals and contributed chapters to many edited books. He has recently published two books: Trade Unions in China: the challenge of labour unrest (Routledge 2013) and The Challenge of Transition: trade unions in Russia, China and Vietnam (Palgrave 2011) with Professor Simon Clarke. He currently works as a lecturer at SOAS, University of London where he convenes an MSc in Labour, Social Movements and Development.

Talk title: Labour in China: From a ‘moment’ to a movement?


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